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Mặc dù đã tham gia rất nhiều trang web e-learning nổi tiếng nhưng hôm nay mới phát hiện ra thêm trang này một MOOCs của SAP xây dựng và chia sẻ miễn phí. Một điều thú vị là nếu các bạn hoàn thành khóa học cũng như các bài tập thì còn nhận được certificate online miễn phí nữa!

Nếu những ai quan tâm hay đang làm việc với các giải pháp của SAP thì đây chính là kho tài liệu quý giá do chính những chuyên gia của SAP giảng dạy. Với những ai hiện tại chưa quan tâm lắm tới các giải pháp của SAP thì cũng còn rất nhiều khóa học rất hay về “Thought Leaders Course Series”

Bên cạnh các course còn có rất nhiều các Podcasts cũng rất hay.

Sketching Basics for IT Business

Join this free, online openSAP course ‘Be Visual! Sketching Basic for IT Business’ and start learning the very basics of sketching. By applying the practice-oriented tips and tricks in this course, you’ll gain the confidence to present your ideas visually

Get Coding with Snap!

Join this free online course and get started with computer science, with thanks to Snap! Snap! is a blocks-based open source programming language that helps to make programming fun for everyone. No matter what age or level you’re at, you’ll enjoy getting to know the beauty and joy of coding with Snap!

Design Thinking and Challenge Management

Join this free online course with Dr. Wladimir Klitschko to learn about his Challenge Management philosophy and how the combination with Design Thinking fosters innovation on an enterprise and personal level. Coupling both methodologies provides professionals with the tools and methods to transform and innovate the businesses they are working in, and to develop personal skills to face the challenges that arise with digital transformation.

Design-Led Approach for the Intelligent Enterprise

This free online course aims to explain how to apply a design-led approach for the Intelligent Enterprise, to provide the best user experience and successfully create well-designed software applications.

People Analytics and Evidence-Based Management

Join this free online course to learn about people analytics and evidence-based management and how it can help drive better decision-making in your organization.

How Social Enterprises Enhance Corporate Supply Chains


Join this free online course to get inspired and learn how social enterprises enhance corporate supply chains while contributing to a positive environmental and social impact. You’ll hear from representatives of both social enterprises and companies who are involved in corporate social partnerships and learn about the benefits for everyone involved.

Basics of Design Research

Before you start designing, get to know your user and what they need – join this free online course to learn how! To build a user interface that users enjoy using, you need to carry out field research to develop points of view. This course will provide you with a foundation for conducting design research in a people-centric way.

Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell 

Join this free online course to learn about how machine learning can be applied to solve business problems. After taking this course, participants should be aware of recent advances in machine learning, understand the basic concepts involved and how business problems can be solved with machine learning. The course gives guidelines on how to formulate a business problem as a machine learning problem.

Data Science in Action – Building a Predictive Churn Model

Join this free online course to get hands-on practice with data science. You’ll learn about the entire process of collecting, processing, and evaluating data, and have access to a system for hands-on practice – just like a data scientist!

Developing Software Using Design Thinking 

SAP is embedding Design Thinking into its software innovation and development practice. You can benefit from SAP’s experience in the application of Design Thinking by taking part in this course, Developing Software Using Design Thinking.

Sustainability Through Digital Transformation 

During the week of September 18, 2017, government, business, UN and civil society leaders from across the globe have come together in New York to address global challenges that no single organization or sector can tackle alone. Two years after the ratification of the United Nations’ 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the COP21 Paris agreement, it’s time to assess how far the world has come. The spotlight will be on pathways and solutions towards achieving the SDGs and the role businesses can and should play.

Join this free open online course, Sustainability Through Digital Transformation, to explore how companies can embrace the opportunities that are arising. In this course, you’ll learn about the evolution of sustainability within organizations in the areas of integrated reporting, social and environmental impact creation, and responsible investment. You’ll become familiar with recent sustainability frameworks, including the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and gain an understanding of how digitization can enable companies to become more successful while contributing to the SDGs.

Design Your First App with Build

This free open online course will help young people to get started with designing and developing apps and software. This course will help you to develop your own “Design Thinking”. You’ll learn how to use a free and fun prototyping tool called Build. The course has been especially designed for young people interested in technology, but with little or no development experience.

Teaching Programming to Young Learners

This free open online course is aimed at teachers and parents of pre-teens to help you encourage children to get involved in programming and coding from an early age. You don’t need to know anything about coding to take part! This course will introduce you to Scratch, a free coding system by MIT. You’ll learn how to use the system and how to teach children how to use it and put their imagination and creativity to work.

Designing Business Models for the Digital Economy

Business models look very different in the digital economy than they did in the past. If your business hasn’t changed its approach to how it does business, sign up to this free online course and learn how to build the most appropriate business model.

Reimagining the Future: A Journey Through the Looking Glass

We live in world where digital is woven into the fabric of our lives; where the pace of change is accelerating, its trajectory exponential, and the convergence of paradigm shifts is the new norm. The complex interplay between these forces creates disruptive stress and fuels unprecedented opportunity.

The impact will be profound, as structures, industries, value, ethics, and traditional transformation strategies are challenged and reimagined, and societal progression moves us from profit to purpose. It’s a looking-glass world, making us rethink our long-held notions of success and failure.

This course explores these paradigm shifts, digital DNA, transformational enablers, and a framework to think about and prepare for the future, as we enter human history’s most transformative era.

The Impact of Digitization on Leadership and Work

The dramatic increase in network density and complexity has an immense impact on society and organizations. The changing face of consumer and employee relationships, volatile markets, and changing values and expectations make old management models redundant. Executives need to find a way out of the complexity trap.
In this course, you’ll learn how digitization and increasing network density affect society, leadership, and work, and you’ll discover why individual intelligence has to be extended to collective intelligence.
We’ll introduce you to a method that quantitatively and qualitatively analyzes the culture of systems, and show how this method has been implemented in large-scale studies.

Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering

Are you involved with volunteering programs in your company or another organization? Maybe you work as a volunteer, or organize programs, or maybe you work within your organization’s social responsibility team? Maybe you have an idea how a volunteer event or program could bring about positive social change. If so, this course could be for you.

Getting Started with Data Science

If you’re interested in learning about data science, this free course will introduce you to the fundamentals of data preparation, predictive modeling, data science, and the deployment and maintenance of models in a business environment following a tried and tested project methodology.

Design the Future of Your CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy still places clients at the center of all activities. However, customers and their buying behavior have changed dramatically in the last decade, and CRM solutions have evolved accordingly. In this course you’ll learn why it’s almost impossible to run a successful business today with a CRM system from the past. We’ll demonstrate how today’s Customer Engagement and Commerce solutions from SAP provide help to drive relevant, contextual experiences across all of your customers’ touchpoints in real time. As well as presenting the SAP Hybris solution portfolio, we’ll also focus on the necessary steps to plan and perform the required transition process, and how SAP can offer support here

Leadership in Digital Transformation

In this course, you’ll learn about the characteristics of digital transformation, how it evolved, and how the organizational and technological changes associated with digital transformation change the role, the skills, and the concept of leadership.

Creating Business Value with User Experience

Designing the best possible user experience is not just about creating beautiful user interfaces. To humanize software experience through design, you must focus on users’ needs and expectations. Achieving success requires more than just efficient software implementation or simply providing new functions. End users expect intuitive solutions that make it easy for them to perform their daily tasks, anywhere with any device. Meeting users’ needs has become a key differentiator. In this course, you will learn about the business value that can be achieved with great user experience.

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