How to Create a Paginated Report in SAP Analytics Cloud?

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In SAP Analytics Cloud, there are two type of exporting the report to pdf:

1.Snapshot screen: “What You See Is What You Get – WYSIWYG”. With this type of exporting, Rows data that are seen by scrolling the screen down can not be exported to pdf.

2.Export All: In order to export all data, you have to paginated the report.

This post is from SAP blog guide the detail of second solution. You can read the original source here.

A paginated report is designed to be printed and formatted to fit pixel-perfectly on the A4 page. This report displays whole data in a table although the table expands in multiple pages. In this blog I am going to explain how to create a paginated report in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Below are the steps being used to create a paginated report in SAC:

Step-1: Create a new story with canvas page.


Step-2: Add a table to the story canvas.


Step-3: Select the model.


Step-4: Go to styling of the page.


Step-5: Select page size as fixed.


Step-6: Select size as A4 as well as select the orientation.


Step-7: Select the table and go to the builder. Choose the rows and columns and check “Auto-size And Page Table Vertically”.


Step-8: Go to styling of the table and select the appropriate template.


Step-9: Go to view of the report.


Step-10: Export the report as a pdf.

In this way we can create a paginated report in SAC.


Conclusion: Paginated report is the very strong feature of SAP Analytics Cloud as a reporting tool where we can design a pixel-perfect report as per printing requirement.

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